5,000 pregnant women await cash assistance under Jsy | Indore News

INDORE: About 5,000 women have yet to receive cash assistance for institutional deliveries at government health facilities under Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) in the district for the financial year 2021-22.
Official records showed that only 16,743 women received cash assistance compared to 21,665 deliveries in government health department institutions in the last financial year, records showed.
This translates to approximately 23% of women who do not receive cash assistance, although the entire process of disbursing cash assistance is done through the online mode for efficient and immediate transfer of funds to beneficiaries, showed records.
Under JSY, a pregnant woman receives Rs 1400 in rural areas while Rs 1000 in urban areas at the time of delivery in government institutions.
It is a centrally sponsored program under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) whose objective is to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality by promoting institutional delivery among poor pregnant women.
CMHO Dr BS Saitya blamed non-availability of documents for non-disbursement of funds under JSY.
Dr. Saitya said, “Absence of Samagra ID card, duplication of records, late registration of pregnant women (after first trimester) are the causes of non-disbursement or delays in payment in JSY” .
There are other reasons as well, including mismatch of basic beneficiary information such as names, husband’s name, bank details, address, etc.
“When these details are fed into the system as part of the scheme, it refused to accept it due to these anomalies. In several cases also, clerical errors have led to such problems,” Dr. Saitya said in an interview with TOI.
There is also a good part of the migrant population among women who do not receive financial assistance because they belong to the working class.
Similarly, when the 2020-21 financial year ended in March last year, around 4,000 pregnant women were waiting for cash assistance in the district.
Details of the women staying for cash assistance are not available, records show.
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