About 2,000 people in St. Louis are now approved for $500 cash assistance | Politics

ST. LOUIS — About 2,000 city residents have been approved to receive funds through a direct cash assistance program, but program officials said many more applications remain pending due to information incomplete.

The number of people approved for $500 cash cards has doubled since the start of the month. However, incomplete applications are still a barrier to approving applications for additional payment cards, said an official with the United Way, which oversees distribution.

About 25% of requests require additional information, the official said. Those who have requested assistance are asked to watch for an email notifying them that more details are needed or that their request has been approved.

The city authorized the program last year using $5 million in US bailout funds. The application process opened and then quickly closed last month, after more than 10,000 applications were submitted in four days. City officials had said the funds would be enough to cover about 9,300 payment cards for those whose incomes were affected by the pandemic; a small portion of the funds is used to cover administrative costs.

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