As Dusk Falls release date, trailer and gameplay

The developers of INTERIOR/NIGHT have shared quite a few gameplay details of “As Dusk Falls” via Xbox Wire, the game’s official site, and the studio’s About page. The interactive drama spans a 30-year period beginning in 1998, and the story is split into two books. The focus is on two families – the Walkers in the red car and the Holts in the blue car as featured in the trailers – who must navigate crime, secrets, adventure and more.

The three main characters featured on the game’s site are Zoe Walker and Jay Holt – the boy and girl from the trailers – as well as Zoe’s father, Vince Walker. Player choice will impact the plot, creating a dynamic narrative that unfolds. As for multiplayer options, players can enjoy “As Dusk Falls” with a party of up to eight people locally or online. Whether alone or in a group, the story of “As Dusk Falls” is described as both cinematic and close to a graphic novel.

The unique art style of “As Dusk Falls” is remarkable, as it captures the actual appearances of in-game actors while maintaining an animated feel through a combination of green screen and hand-painted rendering. Finally, the choice-based nature of the tale makes replays an essential part of the experience. All in all, it looks like fans of complex storytelling, crime and family drama, and creative game design will have their prime with “As Dusk Falls.”

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