Cash assistance for 800 vulnerable households

Vulnerable families in Tonga have received emergency multi-purpose cash assistance from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), following the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption and tsunamis in January.

The IOM in the same way MORDI Tonga Trust paid a total of $176000 since the start of disbursement in April.

Cash transfers were made through Digicel Tonga’s My Cash app.

IOM said the cash assistance program is meeting the urgent needs of 800 families, with each family receiving $489 pa’anga (USD 220).

If two or three nuclear families live together in a house, each family is treated separately and can receive cash assistance individually.

The cash assistance program has reached families in Tongatapu, as well as relocated families from the Ha’apai Islands in central Tonga. He also registered some families in ‘Eua by telephone.

MORDI Tonga Trust

MORDI-Tonga Trust led registration and cash distribution, with technical advice provided by IOMHail Khalaf, Cash Emergency Specialist, and additional support from IOM Tongan staff.

Khalaf said IOM was proud to work alongside the MORDITT to ensure that displaced and vulnerable families caused by the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami are not left behind.

So far, IOM and MORDI had conducted rapid beneficiary registration and verification to identify eligible beneficiaries, based on which families meet certain vulnerability criteria, such as having young children or a sick or disabled family member.

The evaluation of the inscription was carried out by MORDI enumerators and follow-up covid-19 security measures. After registration was completed, eligible families received a one-time transfer of $489 pa’anga through the MyCash app, he said.

“The cash transfer indirectly supports local businesses, where beneficiaries spend their money. To ensure the efficiency of cash distribution, IOM conducted a market assessment, including discussions with traders. »

IOM and MORDI are undertaking a post-distribution monitoring evaluation to examine the experience of households that have received cash and improve future efforts in Tonga.

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