City of San Juan begins disbursing ECQ cash assistance – Manila newsletter

The local government of the city of San Juan began on Thursday April 8 the disbursement of the financial assistance in cash of 98 million pesos that the city received from the national government for its citizens to help them with the quarantine. Community Enhancement (ECQ) underway in Metro Manila.

(Screenshot of Mayor Francis Zamora live on Facebook)

The first installment was made in Barangay St. Joseph, in the presence of the Mayor of the City of San Juan, Francis Zamora, the Under Secretary of State for the National COVID-19 Action Plan, Vince Dizon, of the ministry of the Interior and Local Governments (DILG), Jonathan Malaya, of the Ministry of the Interior. The Undersecretary for Social Protection and Development (DSWD), Feliciano Bodiongan, and the Director of the DILG of the city of San Juan, Sylvestre Barrameda.

The cash assistance was distributed by the staff of the city’s treasury department and the city’s social welfare and development department.

“We have chosen to distribute the ayuda ECQ in cash instead of” in kind “to give our beneficiaries flexibility as there may be other essentials like maintenance drugs and vitamins that they may have. needed to buy and we wanted it to be given immediately to those whose lives have been greatly affected by the ECQ over the past two weeks, ”Zamora said.

“But we also need to make sure that the beneficiaries will be safe while obtaining their respective ayuda. There will also be uniformed personnel from PNP and BFP San Juan to help us ensure that physical distancing and other health and safety protocols are strictly adhered to during the event, ”he added.

Those registered on the official list are the beneficiaries of the Social Improvement Program (SAP 1 and 2) last year, including those who were on the waiting list and the 4Ps.

The city also aims to include other low-income people in the list of beneficiaries, pending verification and also depending on the amount of funds still available after the first disbursements to priority sectors.

Zamora said a maximum of 50 people will only be allowed to enter the disbursement location every hour to avoid overcrowding and to ensure that safety and health protocols are always followed.

After Barangay St. Joseph, Barangays Maytunas, Isabelita and Addition Hills will be the next beneficiaries of ECQ Cash Ayuda.



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