Distribution of cash aid and relief goods to earthquake victims continues

The Department of Social Welfare and Developmentthrough its field offices, continues the distribution of relief items and cash assistance (as part of Assistance to Persons in Crisis or AICS) to communities affected by the recent earthquake in magnitude 7.0.

As of 6 a.m. today, July 31, more than 800,000 pesos in cash assistance were distributed by the DSWD-Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) field office to affected families and individuals in the region. .

Of this number, a total of 750,000 pesos was donated to: 144 injured victims in the province of Abra; 85,000 pesos to the seven people injured and one victim registered in Benguet; 30,000 pesos to the nine wounded in the province of Mount; and a victim in Baguio received 10,000 pesos.

Some 28,700 FFPs are currently scheduled for release and are being delivered to the various municipalities of Abra, 5,000 FFPs to Benguet and 38 FFPs to victims in Ifugao.

In addition, over 5,900 FFPs have also been delivered by FO I to FO CAR, and the remaining 1,050 of the requested 7,000 FFPs are now on their way to Abra via the Regional Reduction and Management Board enhanced transport. Disaster Risk Management 1 (RDRRMC1) member organizations.

Meanwhile, as DSWD continues to distribute Family Food Packs (FFPs) and other relief items, TF RCA is appealing for volunteers to repack relief goods to their regional warehouse, August 1-5. , to ensure a continuous and immediate response to LGUs hit by an earthquake.

Interested groups and individuals can coordinate with Mr Rey Aquilana for scheduling on 0961 854 4268.

At press time, more than 1.3 million stocks and reserve funds are still available at DSWD Central Office (CO), FOs, National Resource Operations Center (NROC) and Visayas Disaster Resource Center ( VDRC).

DSWD ensures to continue to work with relevant national government agencies to help disaster-affected LGUs meet the needs of their constituents.

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