DOLE Cash Assistance for Alert Level 3

DOLE Cash Assistance for Alert Level 3: There has been a headline-grabbing news that the workers affected by the Omicron-Fuel surge are all ready to apply for P5,000 cash assistance from the DOLE (Department of Labor and Environmental Protection). ‘Use). Simply put, workers affected by Alert Level 3 of the deadly virus have the option of claiming P5,000. Follow more updates at

DOLE Cash Assistance for Alert Level 3

While on January 20, Thursday, the departmental decree No. 232 is signed by Labor Secretary Silvestre Belo III, who also released the COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program Guidelines for areas under Alert Level 3 and above. So many workers are out there in the country and they are all super happy after this news. It is not only for the specified worker but for all workers in the country And the Depetamnet order is going to be the effect once it is published.

Those who fall under DO 232 have the right of establishment and they can also apply for cash assistance on behalf of their colleagues and employees. The government is also releasing the latest guidelines, so individual workers can apply to help themselves.

The Department of Labor and Employment has issued guidelines that workers applying for cash assistance should submit:-

there must be a clear photo of the workers who hold a valid government ID of themselves.
Properly notarized proof of unemployment covering the Alert Level 3 period. This consisted of a certificate of employment, notice of termination, notarized affidavit of termination, or notice of temporary layoff.

Workers can request the same

The Ministry of Labor and Employment said that “workers whose employers have been approached on their behalf are not allowed to apply individually. And those who have already received assistance from the Ministry of Labor and Employment’s partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, are not allowed to do so again.

If a worker is not eligible to receive the aid, it may be due to a false submission of their documents. So it is requested to fill in all the details and upload the documents carefully so that you can get the money.

And they also say that if a worker is unable to redeem the cash amount within 30 days, it will be given to someone else.

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