Ethiopia: ICRC seed and cash assistance throughout Ethiopia

We met hundreds of students along our route from Woldiya to Kobo.

The bright colors they wore painted the roadside in blues, purples, reds and greens, as if to draw attention away from the arid fields.

Many farmers returned to their land after fleeing armed violence, only to find that years of hard work had been wiped out.

Ethiopian Red Cross volunteers were all smiles, ready for another day of distribution of seeds and ICRC money in Amhara.

The inhabitants have brought all the means of transport necessary to transport the bags of seeds allocated to them by the ICRC.

Pre-registered community members gathered in the shade at Raya, Kobo, ready to receive their registration cards.

Ethiopian Red Cross staff explained the eligibility criteria and procedures for the distribution process.

The arrival of the trucks can be an emotional moment.

Their journey has been long, sometimes difficult, and their burden is so precious to families. These two trucks carry more than 2,000 bags of hope.

Residents, local authorities, Red Cross volunteers and ICRC staff are working with tremendous energy and excitement to unload and pile the seeds that will reach 1,300 homes.

Everyone lines up to present their card and collect their bag of seeds.

Seed recipients gathered to collect seeds from a nearby field. It is a task performed only by women.

Each eligible household received high quality seed of two different crops during the distribution.

scooping. Each bag of sorghum must be shared among five households. Seed splitting is a precision task performed by women.

Life after the war became very difficult for Abede Wudye Degu. With the seed of the ICRC, he will be able to raise his six children.

June 27, 2022

A fresh start for returnees from rural Ethiopia after the abatement of armed violence is both a matter of hope and challenge. Indeed, when they return to their land, they find their once prosperous farms shattered and must start all over again.

As part of its nationwide assistance operations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is providing support to farmers in collaboration with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) and local authorities.

More than 65,000 households in Amhara, Oromia, Somali and Tigray will receive seeds and cash for agricultural supplies such as fertilizers and tools from the ICRC in 2022. About 1,900 metric tons of seeds – sorghum, maize, teff, wheat and beans – will be distributed.

“Nobody here expected this help. Thanks to the cash aid, we can now buy more seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other inputs. With the help of God and if the rains come , we will succeed,” said Abede Wudye Degu, a farmer and father of six.

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