Exporters have more time to apply for cash assistance

The Bangladesh Bank on Monday gave exporters eligible for cash assistance for their exports an additional 45 days to apply for the benefits for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Exporters who did not submit their application within the allotted time were invited to apply as many of them were unable to do so amid the Covid outbreak, a BB circular issued the same day said. .

Clothing and jute exporters will need to obtain a certificate against the export application from the trade body representing the two sectors.

Exporters of products under 38 categories are eligible to receive variable rate subsidies from the government.

In accordance with the rules, RMG exporters are granted an additional 1% special incentive in addition to the 4% cash incentive against the export of new textile and clothing products and the expansion of textile articles exports. to new markets – markets other than the United States, Canada and the European Union.

In addition, small and medium-sized industries in the textile sector, local export-oriented textiles, clothing exporters to the euro area, information technology-based services, technology companies information established in a high-tech park, exporters of elephant grass (hogla) and coconut. coconut coir, exporters of pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments and appliances, photovoltaic modules, motorcycles, chemicals, razors and razor blades, ceramics, plugs, crabs, d Mud eels and galvanized sheets or coils, among others, receive the cash incentive at different rates.

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