Higher ComCare cash assistance for vulnerable households from August 1

SINGAPORE – ComCare’s cash assistance rates will be increased from August 1, as part of ongoing improvements to its Short and Medium Term Assistance (SMTA) and Long Term Assistance (LTA) programs ).

The move by the Ministry of Social and Family Development is part of support measures announced by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong on Tuesday (June 21) to help households and businesses weather economic challenges, such as rising global inflation.

A one-person household under ComCare LTA will receive higher cash assistance of $640 per month, up from $600 currently.

A two-person household will receive $1,080 per month, up from $1,000 previously.

A three-person household will get $1,510, down from $1,400, while a four-person household will get $1,930, down from $1,750.

MSF said the increase will benefit around 4,000 ComCare LTA households, most of whom are elderly people with little or no income and family support.

Cash assistance is part of a support package that may include medical care in public health facilities, social services and community support.

Those applying for ComCare SMTA or applying to renew their existing SMTA can also expect to receive increased cash assistance and support for utility expenses.

The amount will depend on the composition, needs and income of the household.

The increase will automatically apply to ComCare LTA recipients and new or renewal SMTA applications beginning August 1.

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