LISTEN: We the Kingdom releases uplifting new single

CCM group We the Kingdom release their first new single from their upcoming second album in hopes of cheering up those who are depressed.

“‘Miracle Power’ is officially and finally out! This is our first song from our upcoming #2 album,” the band posted on social media on Friday, the day of the release.

It’s been two years since they released their first album, Holy water.

“This song has been in the works for a few years now and comes from a very special place in our history as a band as a song that helped us heal through a difficult time of grief.”

The group is made up of several generations of parents: Andrew Bergthold, Ed Cash, Franni Rae Cash, Martin Cash and Scott Cash. The name of the group comes after the idea that “the kingdom of God is here among us”.

“We love to sing this song to remind our hearts of all that God is and what an amazing gift it is to be able to call on the mighty name of Jesus whenever we need it. We hope it serves and helps you. to connect with God.”

There is no official release date for the new album.

“God wants us to receive his miracles, not just for the miracles, but to deepen our knowledge of him and all that he is. My hope for this song is that it will fan the flames of your faith and catapult you into the loving arms of the Living God.⁠”

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