Lost Ark witch class added to western version of Lost Ark

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The beta of Lost Ark may be over, but it looks like the news cycle isn’t over yet. Western players had the opportunity to test the game in early November, but it appears the community has noticed the absence of a traditional Western-class fantasy mage. There is one in Korea in the form of the very recent Sorceress release, and so Amazon Games and Smilegate have confirmed that the West will be getting this class of witch in Lost Ark.

Witch class of the lost ark

Smilegate released The Witch in August as part of the content update in Korea. Many Korean players have been fortunate enough to play one of the last types of Mage Class, making it the fourth subclass among the Mage archetype. So far, the witch seems to have had a positive impact on Korean audiences. However, regions more familiar with the concept of the witch, i.e. Western and Russian audiences, have yet to play it.

The Russians do not have the Witch class, although the game is live in this region. Western audiences also wanted to play a mage class that looked like a mage in the Western Beta of Lost Ark. However, this did not happen. The only two mage classes available were the Bard, a support class, and the Summoner, which used charged horses, butterflies, and giant beasts. This is not exactly what comes to mind when you think of mages.

Amazon and Smilegate have worked together to ensure that Western audiences receive a more localized mage class. Part of the reason the western version gets this is because location is a big part of making the game more user-friendly. So far, the Western version of Lost Ark gets a less crazy money store, new languages, and now a class more suited to our common cultures and fantasies.

Overall, it’s a great addition to the western version of Lost Ark. If you want more information, you can check out the official blog post on the change. here.

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