Odell Beckham and Browns finalize agreement granting his release; WR to strike on waivers on Monday

Odell Beckham will be officially ruled out by the Cleveland Browns next week. He could become a free agent for the first time in his career shortly thereafter.

OBJ and the Browns signed their agreement to finalize his release and send him to waivers on Monday, NFL network insider Ian Rapoport reported on Saturday. The reworked contract grants Beckham the release he wanted, but also offers Cleveland money and cap savings if unclaimed.

The cost to claim the triple Pro Bowler for the remainder of the 2021 season is $ 7.25 million, none of which would be the responsibility of the Browns, Rapoport added. If Beckham goes through waivers, a settlement kicks in with Cleveland on the hook for $ 4.25 million. OBJ, meanwhile, would be a free agent.

With the deal, the extended veteran cannot claim severance pay and the last two years of his contract are canceled. As NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero noted, Beckham giving up such a guaranteed amount of money shows just how much he wanted to leave Cleveland.

He could have a chance to pick his next team in the coming days.

The Browns and Beckham agreed to go their separate ways on Friday following multiple incidents denoting tensions between the two sides. The week started with the club’s loss to the Steelers with coach Kevin Stefanski lamenting that OBJ was not involved more in the offense. Cleveland then tried unsuccessfully to trade in its high-priced receiver before Tuesday’s deadline. That morning, Beckham’s father shared a video on his Instagram page highlighting several instances where his son was open but missed by Baker Mayfield. Beckham was excused from training the next two days, and NBA star LeBron James, originally from Ohio, tweeted an endorsement from Beckham with the accompanying hashtag: “FreeOBJ.”

Beckham, who turned 29 on Friday, may soon make that wish come true.

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