HARTFORD, Connecticut., Dec. 27 2021 / PRNewswire / – The U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware issued a preliminary injunction barring the former CareCentrix executive Marcus Lanznar to work for his new employer in 2022, after finding it highly likely that Mr. Lanznar violated his employment and non-compete agreements with CareCentrix when he took a job with competitor Signify Health (NYSE : SGFY).

As a result of the ruling, CareCentrix’s corporate espionage and trade secret theft case against Signify will come to full discovery and trial.

At the heart of CareCentrix’s case against Signify is Lanznar’s direct violation of the employment commitments it signed when he joined CareCentrix over 10 years ago: these commitments include legally binding commitments to preserve and protect trade secrets and company data, including not competing one year after leaving CareCentrix.

As CareCentrix claimed in its action against Signify, Signify was fully aware of the reasonable and appropriate limits with which Lanznar had agreed, even though Signify had engaged Lanznar to develop post-acute care and transition-to-home capabilities to challenge directly to CareCentrix. For example, Lanznar sent a written strategic analysis to the management of Signify and then succeeded in securing an agreement to double their signify cash bonus, while still being employed by CareCentrix.

CareCentrix has filed a lawsuit in december 2020 against Lanznar and Signify, a competitor in the post-acute and home healthcare market, alleging that Signify acted inappropriately, in willful cooperation with Lanznar, to commit a corporate espionage campaign against CareCentrix over a period of extended by months in 2020.

“This ordinance recognizes the value of commitments that protect a company’s property and confidential information, by placing fair limits on an employee’s ability to compete with his or her current employer. Signify and Mr. Lanznar knew that Mr. Lanznar had accepted these limitations, but they ignored them and got caught. We welcome this decision. It is the right decision, “said John driscoll, CEO of CareCentrix.

The case is:

United States District Court for the District of Delaware

File number: 20-cv-01765-LPS

(CareCentrix Inc. v Lanznar et al)

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