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Credit is issued with a flexible repayment term. The money must be returned in one or more payments. The faster the repayment, the less you will pay in interest payments. for laying. For example, if you borrow USD 200, the loan can be repaid within 20 days or longer. The detailed credit costs are reflected in the loan agreement.

Clients who have problems with their obligations should be aware that default interest may be charged up to 36% above the annual borrowing rate. This option involves additional costs, which will vary depending on the loan amount and the grace period. In addition, it is always possible to try to negotiate other repayment terms to reduce the penalty interest.

If you want to repay your credit ahead of time, you can do so at any time you like. You can also make payments on the loan at any Latvian Post, Narvesen or bank branch. You can do this most conveniently and easily from your online bank account.

How Much Credit Does Cost?

How Much Credit Does Cost?

The first credit up to USD 425 was previously available free of charge and at 0% for up to 30 days. At present, the loan is up to USD 500 with flexible maturity. If you borrow again, you will be charged a commission for using the service.

Illustrative example (may differ from costs in a given situation):

  • Loan amount – 300 USD
  • Term – 30 days
  • Annual interest rate – 28.76%

If you have already used services and would like to borrow again, compare the credit offers on the Credit homepage. Most lenders allow you to borrow without interest just once in your lif

We support responsible borrowing

We support responsible borrowing

Before borrowing, carefully consider whether you really need the credit and whether you will be able to repay it on time. Fast credit services are mostly for short-term needs and need to be repaid in the short term. If you want to borrow longer and pay off your loan in installments (according to the repayment schedule), look at what consumer loans offer. In situations where a cash loan is not repaid on time, the costs increase rapidly. For example, the overdue interest on is 0.36% of the outstanding amount per day, up to a principal of more than 36% above the annual borrowing rate. Creditors can go to court or take debt recovery to debt collection companies to recover money from non-payers. In addition, the name of the payer is included in debtors’ databases, which makes it difficult to borrow again in the future, especially with banks. Borrow responsibly.

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