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MONROVIA – Winifred Gono, a resident of Ganta Nimba County, is a single mother of over 10 children ranging in age from 3 to 15 years old. Some of the children are not his biological children, but those of his sister. Her sister died in a car accident on the Monrovia-Ganta highway.

According to her, she had to take responsibility for her deceased sister’s five children because her surviving husband is visually impaired. Following an SOS on a local county radio station, Winifred got help from a local apolitical organization.

Over the weekend, a group of young professionals from various disciplines under the banner “The Embassy Tree” based in Monrovia made an intervention by offering a cash donation of US$1,000.00 as an empowerment for her and the children.

Clr. Lawrence Suah, the custodian (ceremonial leader) of the embassy tree for the month of May has taken the project of helping Winifred and the children as his signature project. He raised the resources among the members of the Embassy.

According to him, helping to empower and improve people’s lives has been his passion and because Winifred has a special history with children, she needed empowerment and the least the Embassy Tree could do was d impact Winifred’s life to meet the needs of children. .

According to him, empowering it is the best. We heard Winifred’s story and were touched and inspired to help. What I am doing here today on behalf of the Embassy Tree is donating US$1000 to it for business purposes.

“She told us she wanted to sell slippers and so we are raising her from selling fish for people to doing her own business and we are doing that by giving her US$150.00 for food for her and the children and the balance to be invested in the business.”

According to Winifred, some of the children with her are out of school and she sells fish for people and uses the profits for food for herself and the children. At one point, she says, children were molding mud bricks commercially to provide food.

“The children and I live here as you can see in this earthen house as you can see and we manage. At present, only two of them are in school thanks to the help of a prominent citizen and would need more help to help look after the children.

Like the intervention in Nimba County, the Embassy Tree did an intervention at the John F. Kennedy Hospital where they made a financial intervention of over US$1,000 to release stranded mothers who had given birth, a donation of medical supplies to Du-port Hospital, orphanages in Monrovia and Area 5 Police Station.

Founded on April 17, 2020 at GSA Road, Paynesville, Liberia, ‘The EMBASSY TREE’ is an organization made up of a conglomerate of young men from a variety of professional backgrounds. These professionals took comfort in gathering at a local cafe during Liberia’s era of COVID -19 lockdown. THE EMBASSY TREE meets in formal sessions on a monthly basis. It is headed by a Custodian who is elected monthly to direct the affairs of the organization. The Custodian is vested with the power of appointment.

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