What time will Beat Shazam Season 5 air on FOX? Rules, release date and more on Jamie Foxx’s show

Fox’s hit game show Beat Shazam was officially renewed for a new season earlier this month. On the television network, season 5 of the Jamie Foxx show is scheduled to air on May 23, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. ET. The actor and comedian will host the show and will also feature his daughter DJ Corinne Foxx.

Beat Shazam will feature three teams in each episode who compete in a challenge to identify popular songs. The faster songs are identified and remembered, the more generous the cash prizes they receive. The amount starts at $1,000, with the early rounds having multiple-choice sections.

More details about Fox’s Beat Shazam and host pair Jamie Foxx and Corianne Foxx

Beat Shazam has been popular among viewers for its concept and plot for the past four seasons. Fans are excited as they await the booming fifth season. The show’s official synopsis reads:

“Teams of two race to identify songs by sound in hopes of winning up to $1 million. Whoever wins the most dollars can play the final round against Shazam – the computer of the show. Actor Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne as a DJ host the show”.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about the show, Jamie revealed that they’ve “gone all out” this season and are doing their best to make sure this episode is a hit. He said:

“We’re going all out, we’re going to shoot in Ireland. We always imagined that this show would be a universal show, like everywhere in the world, so being able to go to Ireland is a bit of a test. We will add that the audience and people who knew the show are just blown away that we came there.

The Grammy-winning actor, singer and comedian is also joined by his daughter and DJ, Corianne Fox, who spoke about the universality of music and how that helps the show be told in many other countries. .

“Music is like a universal language, you know. They obviously speak English but I think the show translates to so many different countries, so it’s going to be awesome.”

Jamie Foxx confessed that they started talking about game shows about six or seven years ago and realized that this arena was opening up and had a lot of potential. As for Beat Shazamthe host revealed that it was unlike any other game show.

“I said the difference between ours and everyone else’s – no disrespect – is how our show is the best songs we’ve ever heard, people make a million dollars and, you know , the other shows have decent series but ours feels like it has the opportunity to be [like] Wheel of Fortune. One of those things.”

Jamie Foxx and daughter Corianne Fox are a powerhouse Hollywood pair established on Beat Shazam. The duo will bring more energy to this season of the game show, with efficient teams doing their best to win exciting prizes and make it to the final round.

Tune Beat Shazam Monday, May 23 on Fox for an exciting season.

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